13 Helpful Tips to Improve Interview Performance

The candidate or interviewee is a bit in a nervous mood when he enters the Interview Room. His emotional balance has been upset a bit, by the consciousness that he is appearing before absolute strangers, who will, perhaps, be not kind enough their assessment of his personality. Therefore, the Interview Board tries to make the candidate feel quite at home before putting questions on him to discover the real worth of the candidate for the particular job for which he is being interviewed.

For removing the emotional tension of the candidate, the members of the Board read out the “descriptive sheet” of the candidate which is a kind of brief account of particulars supplied by the candidate himself. Then, the Board puts easy questions on the candidate which restore more confidence to him in answering more hard and complex Questions in the latter part of the interview.

If the candidate feels that members of the Board are attempting to bother him unnecessarily by putting the most irrelevant questions on him, then he can complain to the Chairman of the Board. It is the duty of the Chairman to put the candidate again at the case. The candidate should, not in that case, attempt to enter into a direct conversation with the individual members of the Board.

The candidate should take advantage of the following helpful tips to improve interview performance:

  1. The candidate should enter the Interview Room with faith in Allah Almighty and self-confidence.
  2. While answering questions, he should speak in a natural way.
  3. The answer of the candidate should be relevant.
  4. The candidate should avoid using the words “beg your pardon”. He should try to answer the question as soon as it is put to him.
  5. The candidate should not be get confused if a complicated question is put to him. He should not pause for a long time.
  6. The candidate should not be unnerved under any circumstances. He should maintain the balance of his mind to the very end.
  7. When talking to the Chairman and members of the Board, the candidate should look into their eyes. He should also be keen lively and cheerful while talking
  8. The candidate must be courageous enough to admit his mistakes if the Board points out to that end. spirit of honesty owning his mistakes will enhance the prestige of the candidate in the eye of the Board.
  9. The candidate should also not try to be over-clever in answering questions. He should state only what he knows correctly. He should not attempt hazard guesses. If he does not know about a thing correctly, he must own it gladly and should not bluff.
  10. Whenever the candidate avails the chance of describing his own accomplishments of good family links, then he should convey it in a most tactful and subtle manner.
  11. While undergoing an interview, the candidate should not inculcate the spirit of criticizing and finding faults with others. The candidate should know that he has not come to the. interview to win a verbal battle but to avail a happy conversation, He should exhibit the spirit of agreeing rather than disagreeing.
  12. The candidate must listen and observe. If the other man wants to talk, he must extend him a chance. He must be an attentive and enthusiastic listener. He must know the occasions of listening and answering.
  13. Before appearing in an interview, the candidate should make a perpetual practice in the art of the interview. For this purpose, he should win the co-operation of his friends and family members, colleagues members.
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