Current Affairs Quiz Test 6

Current Affairs Quiz Test – In this type of test, the candidates are expected to show a basic knowledge and understanding of history, politics and international affairs deemed necessary to understand current affairs. Questions may also relate to international institutions, treaties. recent developments in Pakistan and abroad, global issues including security, economy, human rights, environmental degradation, nuclear and other issues of similar nature.


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Q1. Muhammad bin Qasim entered Sindh in __________ A.D.
Q2. The objective resolution of Pakistan was passed on _________ .
Q3. _________ allowed East India Company to reside and build factories in Surat.
Q4. Muhammad Ali Bogra's formula was presented to the constituent assembly on __________ .
Q5. The constitution of 1973 was came into effect on __________ .
Q6. A total of __________ amendments to the constitution of 1973 have been passed by the Parliament.
Q7. Faisal Mosque was built by a/an _________ architect.
Q8. The governor of Punjab is __________.
Q9. Tarbela Dam is located in __________ District.
Q10. Mirani Dam is located in __________ District.
Q11. The Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline was officially inaugurated on _______.
Q12. The Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline is also called __________.
Q13. The current Foreign Secretary of Pakistan is __________ .
Q14. Number of Districts in Sindh province are __________ .
Q15. Who choose the name of Pakistan?
Q16. The national anthem of Pakistan is written by?
Q17. Who was convicted in Rawalpindi Conspiray Case?
Q18. Pakistan purchased Gawader from __________ .
Q19. Natural Gas was discovered in Sui, Baluchistan in __________ .
Q20. The foundation stone of Diamer-Bhasha Dam was laid by __________ .
Q21. Who is the current permanent representative of Pakistan to the United Nations?
Q22. Contract to operate Gwadar Port was given to __________ .
Q23. Iran to set up oil refinary in _________ .
Q24. Before General Elections 2013, who was the caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan?
Q25. Who serves as the acting Prime Minister in the absence of Prime Minister?

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