Current Affairs Quiz Test 8

Current Affairs Quiz Test – In this type of test, the candidates are expected to show a basic knowledge and understanding of history, politics and international affairs deemed necessary to understand current affairs. Questions may also relate to international institutions, treaties. recent developments in Pakistan and abroad, global issues including security, economy, human rights, environmental degradation, nuclear and other issues of similar nature.


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Q1. The 9th Defense and Security Expert Working Group (EWG) meeting of (SCO) was held at:
Q2. ________________ has been appointed the new Attorney General for Pakistan (AGP) on February 22, 2020:
Q3. Ashraf Ghani has secured a second term as president of Afghanistan on:
Q4. Pakistan on February 18, 2020 conducted a successful flight test of an air-launched cruise missile having a range of 600 kilometres named as:
Q5. Who won 4th National Snooker Championship:
Q6. Total _____________ Memorandum of Understanding were signed between Turkey & Pakistan during the visit of Turkish President?
Q7. Pakistani Female Army Officers awarded UN Medal for exemplary services in_________ .
Q8. How many teams are participating in Kabaddi 2020 World Cup?
Q9. Who becomes youngest player in the world to take Test hat-trick?
Q10. Who wins under 19 Cricket world cup 2020?
Q11. BREXIT day celebrated on ___________________.
Q12. What is the rank of Pakistan  on corruption perception index?
Q13. Who is the current chairman of Transparency International Pakistan?
Q14. Who is the current president of FATF for 2019-2020?
Q15. ___________ first Muslim country to take over the G20 presidency ?
Q16. Who is the Newly Elected President of Asia-Pacific Group of UNESCO?
Q17. Which country launches world’s largest radio telescope for space research?
Q18. The sixth joint Military exercise Sea Guardians 2020 was held between ___________.
Q19. Which country’s aircraft was hit by Iranian Army & killed more than 170 people?
Q20. ____________ has developed a Laser-based Aerial defense system.
Q21. How many animals have been killed due to fires in Australia ?
Q22. Qassim Soleimani ( Military Commander of Iran) was the leader of which Iranian Military force?
Q23. Qassim Soleimani ( Military Commander of Iran) was killed on:
Q24. Who replaced the Qassim Soleimani as the head of the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionaries?
Q25. Two new International days to be observed in 2020 by UN are_________?

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