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Digital marketing includes Google ad words, Yahoo/Bing Ads, SMM, management, sponsored Ads, and campaigns. Advance your digital marketing skills with our great tests that teach you digital marketing strategy and tactics. Are you a digital marketing expert or want to be a digital marketing expert? Take our Digital Marketing Test.


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Which of the following can be used to target an audience when using some social media ads?
Which of the following factors should you consider when optimising your website for search engines?
Fill in the blank: If an ad is not performing well, one effective tactic is to _____________.
Fill in the blank: Short strings of specific keywords with low search volume are called ___________.
Before running search ads, you should make sure your site is mobile-friendly. Which scenario best describes a mobile-friendly experience for a customer?
What should you consider when developing your website content?
When considering how mobile users will search for your business, which types of keywords should you focus on?
Which of the following is a pitfall when using social media for business?
Using videos in email marketing and social media is an effective way to do what?
In an SEM auction, your Quality Score is based on which aspect of your ad?
What should your search ad have in order to promote more clicks?
Which of these can Google Search Console help you to do?
What is the best way to translate the content on your website for a new market?
When using search engine marketing, where can your ads appear?
What is the first step of display retargeting?
When adapting your website for customers who speak a different language, what should you do?
Which three pieces of information are essential to include first in your local directory listing?
Which of these is an important factor in the paid search auction system?
What can using video as part of your online presence help you create?
Which of the following is primarily meant to target new customers online?
Which of the following is a sign that customers are having trouble using a particular device to make purchases?
Fill in the blank: Website analytics can tell you _____________.
Once you've worked out your Unique Selling Point (USP), how would you use it in a long-term online strategy?
What is a key benefit of having an online presence for a business?
When it comes to optimising your website's SEO for mobile users, which of the following is a crucial factor to keep in mind?