Importance of Interview for Employers

Job Interview is very important in our today’s life. A good job is needed to create a successful career and to run life properly. Nowadays it is very important to give an interview in both the government job or the private job. That is why Interview is very important for anyone who wants to get the job.

1. Information about job-seeking candidate

In an interview, the employer can collect complete information about the job-seeking candidate. Interview collects information about the candidate’s cultural and educational background, work experience, intelligence quotient, communication skills, personality type, interests, social behavior, etc.

2. Supplements the application blank

Due to some limitations, the job-seeking candidate cannot give his full information or details in the Application Blank for employment. However, an interviewer can collect additional relevant information of the candidate by scheduling a personal meeting with him. During the meeting, the interview process helps an interviewer to collect that information which is currently not available in the Application Blank. Thus, an interview supplements the Application Blank by collecting and verifying some missing information of the candidate.

3. Interview helps to select a right person

In an interview, the interviewer can see and talk to the candidates. So he can make a correct decision, whether to select or reject the candidate. Personal interview is the best method of selecting the right person for the right post.

4. Interview collects useful information

In an interview, the candidates discuss about their past work experiences, achievements, research works, etc. The interview helps an employer to collect a lot of useful information from different candidates. The employer can use this collected information to solve the problems of his firm and improve efficiency.

5. Good interview increases goodwill

An interview is a public-relations tool. So, it should be conducted properly in a friendly and fearless environment. The candidates being interviewed should be treated with dignity and respect. Whether the candidate is selected or rejected, he/she should feel happy about the employer. This will boost the image of the employer. So, a good interview session always increases the goodwill of the employer.

6. Helps in promotions and transfers

A personal interview also helps an employer to evaluate his staff for promotions, transfers, etc.

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