Current Affairs Quiz Test 8

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Q1. The 9th Defense and Security Expert Working Group (EWG) meeting of (SCO) was held at:
Q2. ________________ has been appointed the new Attorney General for Pakistan (AGP) on February 22, 2020:
Q3. Ashraf Ghani has secured a second term as president of Afghanistan on:
Q4. Pakistan on February 18, 2020 conducted a successful flight test of an air-launched cruise missile having a range of 600 kilometres named as:
Q5. Who won 4th National Snooker Championship:
Q6. Total _____________ Memorandum of Understanding were signed between Turkey & Pakistan during the visit of Turkish President?
Q7. Pakistani Female Army Officers awarded UN Medal for exemplary services in_________ .
Q8. How many teams are participating in Kabaddi 2020 World Cup?
Q9. Who becomes youngest player in the world to take Test hat-trick?
Q10. Who wins under 19 Cricket world cup 2020?
Q11. BREXIT day celebrated on ___________________.
Q12. What is the rank of Pakistan  on corruption perception index?
Q13. Who is the current chairman of Transparency International Pakistan?
Q14. Who is the current president of FATF for 2019-2020?
Q15. ___________ first Muslim country to take over the G20 presidency ?
Q16. Who is the Newly Elected President of Asia-Pacific Group of UNESCO?
Q17. Which country launches world’s largest radio telescope for space research?
Q18. The sixth joint Military exercise Sea Guardians 2020 was held between ___________.
Q19. Which country’s aircraft was hit by Iranian Army & killed more than 170 people?
Q20. ____________ has developed a Laser-based Aerial defense system.
Q21. How many animals have been killed due to fires in Australia ?
Q22. Qassim Soleimani ( Military Commander of Iran) was the leader of which Iranian Military force?
Q23. Qassim Soleimani ( Military Commander of Iran) was killed on:
Q24. Who replaced the Qassim Soleimani as the head of the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionaries?
Q25. Two new International days to be observed in 2020 by UN are_________?

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