Everyday Science Quiz Test 1

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Q1.  Acoustics is the science of:
Q2. The art of breeding Silk Worm and production of Silk is called:
Q3. The science of celestial bodies is known as:
Q4. Telepathy is:
Q5. Pedagogy is the science of:
Q6. Study of maps and features of the Universe is called:
Q7. Scientific study and measurement of behaviour is called:
Q8. Etymology refers to the study of:
Q9. Paediatrics is relevant to:
Q10. Shape of the Milky Way Galaxy is:
Q11. Coldest planet of the Solar System is:
Q12. Which of the following planets has the maximum number of Satellites:
Q13. Which planet takes the longest time to go once around the Sun?
Q14. The first artificial satellite was launched by:
Q15. The first Canadian woman in space was:
Q16. The first astronaut to set foot on moon was:
Q17. The theory stating that new matter is always created to fill the space left by the Universe is called:
Q18. A rocket needs the speed of ........ to escape from earth's gravity.
Q19. Sunlight is composed of:
Q20. The rarest gas in air is:

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