Everyday Science Quiz Test 5

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Q1. The most abundant element in Earth's crust is:
Q2. The normal temperature of human body is
Q3. Red colour of blood s because of presence of:
Q4. Which type of blood of individuals are universal recipients.
Q5. Trachoma is the disease of:
Q6. Malaria is the disease which affects the:
Q7. Leukaemia is a disease of the:
Q8. Deficiency of iron in human body causes:
Q9. Rickets is the disease of :
Q10. Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is caused by:
Q11. ECG is used for the diagnosis of ailment of the:
Q12. Dialysis is used for the treatment of:
Q13. Hepatitis is a disease of which of the following organ?
Q14. Radioactivity was discoved by:
Q15. Which Vitamin is known as Ascorbic Acid?
Q16. Who invented the laser?
Q17. Citrus fruits are considered rich in Vitamin:
Q18. Poor night vision is because of lack of:
Q19. Which Vitamn gets destroyed on heating?
Q20. Which vitamin is provided by sunlight of the human body?

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