General Science Quiz Test 1

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Q1. Which animal never drinks water in its entire life?
Q2. What is the physical phase of life called?
Q3. The largest cell is ________________
Q4. Which is the largest human cell?
Q5.  _________________ is the longest cell.
Q6. What is the name of the cells in the body that engulf foreign particles like bacteria?
Q7. There are _____ number of muscles in human.
Q8. What is the life span of RBC?
Q9. What is the life span of WBC?
Q10. Longes bone in human being body is _____?
Q11. The number of ribs in a human body is _________.
Q12. Which is the smallest flightless bird?
Q13. Saurology is the study of ___________.
Q14. Hormones are produced by _____________
Q15. Which of the following is the master gland?
Q16. What is the full form of ADH?
Q17. What is the normal value of blood sugar in the body?
Q18. Which is the largest blood vessel in the body?
Q19. Which of the following carries impure blood?
Q20. Who had performed the world‘s first heart transplant?
Q21. Which of the following is not an allotrope of Carbon?
Q22. What is the formula of Sulfuric acid?
Q23. How are the following elements arranged in the Periodic table? H, He, Li, Be and B
Q24. What is the number of periods in which Periodic table is divided?
Q25. There are __________ Groups in the Periodic table.

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