Computer Science Quiz Test 14

The candidates are expected to have basic knowledge of computers, hardware and software, commonly used terms, basic functions of important components of a PC, knowledge of MS Office, Internet, Email, prominent personalities associated with I.T. and I.T. applications.


Choose your answer carefully on the basis of previous knowledge. Click on the Option (A, B, C, D) to Choose your Answer. For Next Question Click on “Next” Button and For Previous Question Click on “Prev” Button.

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Q1. Binary code '0' means _________.
Q2. __________ is compulsory part of HTML.
Q3. CAI stands for ____________.
Q4. Maximum font size in HTML is ___________.
Q5. MICR reader is an __________ device.
Q6. Internet is __________.
Q7. _________ is a standalone tag.
Q8. FTP stands for
Q9. Hexadecimal number system has _________ base.
Q10. HTML stands for
Q11. The default setting for a horizontal rule is __________.
Q12. _________ tag is used to embed image in a webpage.
Q13. This is a global collection of high-powered computer that are connected together with cables, telephone lines, microwave dishes, satellites etc.
Q14. ________ is used to pointing / selecting the screen co-ordinates by detecting the light.
Q15. ________ displays the information about the active document such as page number, section number, number of pages, insertion point, position, etc.
Q16. ________ a record means a new record to the file.
Q17. To move the cursor to end of the document, press
Q18. SMTP stands for
Q19. JPEG stands for
Q20. The short cut key to start a new line without starting a new paragraph is
Q21. Central Processing Unit is combination of:
Q22. The octal equivalent of 111010 is
Q23. Programs designed to perform specific tasks is known as
Q24. Analog Computer works on the supply of
Q25. Time during which a job is processed by a the computer is

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