Current Affairs Quiz Test 3

Current Affairs Quiz Test – In this type of test, the candidates are expected to show a basic knowledge and understanding of history, politics and international affairs deemed necessary to understand current affairs. Questions may also relate to international institutions, treaties. recent developments in Pakistan and abroad, global issues including security, economy, human rights, environmental degradation, nuclear and other issues of similar nature.


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Q1. The president of China arrived in Pakistan for two day visit on _______ .
Q2. The bill for 21st amendment in the constitution of Pakistan was passed from the national assembly of Pakistan on __________.
Q3. The provisions of the 21st amendment shall remain in force for a period of __________ year(s).
Q4. The president of China on his visit to Pakistan signed development projects of worth __________ billions.
Q5. The proposed motorway from Gawadar to Kashghar is about __________ km.
Q6. Turkish Justice and Development Party has been in power since __________ .
Q7. Dr. Ishrat-ul-Ibad has been Governor of Sindh since __________ .
Q8. The 21st amendment has amended the first schedule of the constitution and the article __________ .
Q9.  International Court of Arbitration sets minimum flow of __________ m3/sec into the Neelum River.
Q10. The Installed Capacity of Neelum–Jhelum Hydropower Plant is __________ MW.
Q11. Who was the Chief Minister of Baluchistan from 2013-2018?
Q12. Who was the governor of KPK from 2013-2018?
Q13. Who was the governor of Baluchistan from 2013-2018?
Q14. What is the portfolio of Engineer Khurram Dastgir?
Q15. What is the portfolio of Rana Tanveer Hussain?
Q16. Who is the current chairman of NAB?
Q17. Who is the current chairman of PEMRA?
Q19. Who is the current president of National Bank of Pakistan?
Q19. Who is the current chairman of Higher Education Commission (HEC)?
Q20. Who is the current Minister of State for Information Technology & Telecom?
Q21. Who is the current Attorney General of Pakistan?
Q22. Who is the current governor State Bank of Pakistan?
Q23. What is the current portfolio of Akram Khan Durrani?
Q24. Who was the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on National Affairs?
Q25. Who is the current Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Internal Affairs?

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