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Digital marketing includes Google ad words, Yahoo/Bing Ads, SMM, management, sponsored Ads, and campaigns. Advance your digital marketing skills with our great tests that teach you digital marketing strategy and tactics. Are you a digital marketing expert or want to be a digital marketing expert? Take our Digital Marketing Test.


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Total Questions: 25 Time: 10 Minutes

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Which of the following can businesses achieve by using social media?
Which of the following will you need to start an email marketing programme?
When considering how mobile users will search for your business, which types of keywords should you focus on?
What should you consider when developing your website content?
What makes the data cycle useful?
What is the first step in creating an online business strategy?
When setting up display advertising campaigns, who can you target?
When expanding a business internationally, which of the following is most important to provide on your website?
Which of the following is a benefit of using spreadsheets?
Which of these is an important factor in the paid search auction system?
What should a business do first, when considering going into a new market?
Fill in the blank: If you use __________ keywords when building your search ads, minor variations, like plurals, can still trigger the ad.
What is the purpose of the 'See, Think, Do, Care' framework?
What is the first step of display retargeting?
Which of the following is a benefit of registering your business in online local listings?
What can social media analytics tools help you measure when assessing campaign results?
When it comes to optimising your website's SEO for mobile users, which of the following is a crucial factor to keep in mind?
Which of the following is an example of the type of data that advertising networks automatically collect and share with businesses?
What is the name of the process that describes what happens when a customer is taken to a separate site to complete a transaction before being sent back to the original site again?
Which of the following statements is true when describing how retargeting ads work?
Which of the following factors help search engines determine if your business is local?
What technology do search engines use to 'crawl' websites?
Which of the following options is important to research when planning to expand delivery of products and services to customers across the globe?
What is an example of product merchandising?
Which of the following can be used to target an audience when using some social media ads?