Everyday Science Quiz Test 3

Everyday Science Quiz Test – The candidates are expected to have basic knowledge of Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. Scientific terms, Inventions, Discoveries, Human body, celestial bodies, and environmental issues/problems. In general, the candidates could be tested on knowledge of everyday observation and experience of things and phenomena in the context of their scientific explanations.


Choose your answer carefully on the basis of previous knowledge. Click on the Option (A, B, C, D) to Choose your Answer. For Next Question Click on “Next” Button and For Previous Question Click on “Prev” Button.

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Q1. Where is the bile stored and intermittently released into the small intestine to aid digestion?
Q2. How much blood does a normal adult person have in the body?
Q3. Hydrochloric acid is necessary for easy digestion of:
Q4. Which vitamin is provided by sunlight of the human body?
Q5. When was HIV identified?
Q6. Which disease causes difficulty in breathing?
Q7. Which of the following is the most common form of colour blindness, usually found in males?
Q8. Disease which travels itself from place to place is called:
Q9. Blood circulates in which parts of the body?
Q10. Which blood group is a Universal Donor?
Q11. Which part of the brain contains centers for the control of respiration, heart-beat and blopd pressure?
Q12. The structure in a cell which contains the genes is called:
Q13. What is H5N1?
Q14. Objects having the same size, shape and measurement are:
Q15. An ordinary mobile phone communicates by using:
Q16. The Earth is more close to the Sun in:
Q17. Time required for a computer to locate transfer data is called:
Q18. Mixture of two metals is called:
Q19. The shape of our Milky Way galaxy is:
Q20. Oxygen by volume has a presence in the atmosphere of about:

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