General Knowledge Quiz Test 2

This test contains the most commonly asked General Knowledge questions you can expect to be asked in your interview, job test, or any quiz competition and advice on how you can craft effective responses. Prepare these General Knowledge quizzes for Army, PAF, Navy, PPSC, SPSC, BPSC, KPPSC, NTS, PTS, OTS, and other quiz competitions.


Choose your answer carefully on the basis of previous knowledge. Click on the Option (A, B, C, D) to Choose your Answer.

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Q1. Which of the following is the largest sector of Pakistan's Economy?
Q2. Which one of the follwing is largest airline of UK?
Q3. The largest airline of Aisa is:
Q4. Which of the following was the first private Airline licenced?
Q5. Shaheen Air Line belongs to __________.
Q6. The First International Flight taken by PIA was taken on:
Q7. Which was the first public airline of Pakistan.
Q8. Olympic Airways belongs to:
Q9. Bheman airline belongs to _______?
Q10. which one of the following is the largest airline of the world.
Q11. Allahabad session was held in 1930 by:
Q12. Aero Asia is the airline of:
Q13. Musawar-e-Pakistan” is the name given to:
Q14. Famous Allahabad session was addressed by Allama Iqbal in:
Q15. _____ is the Founder of
Q16. Nitrogen occurs in plants and animals in the form of_____.
Q17. Which animal is most illegally traded animal in the world?
Q18. The Headquarter of Apple Inc is in _____.
Q19. Apple Inc founded on _______.
Q20. Founder of famous Apple Inc is:
Q21. Who said “Man is by nature a social animal”?
Q22. Who was the first Muslim Commander-in-Chief of Pakistan Army?
Q23. Who was the first Commander in Chief of Army after independence?
Q24. Name of the first Lady Major General in the Pakistan Army:
Q25. Who was the first Muslim Chief of Air Force of Pakistan?

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