General Knowledge Quiz Test 3

This test contains the most commonly asked General Knowledge questions you can expect to be asked in your interview, job test, or any quiz competition and advice on how you can craft effective responses. Prepare these General Knowledge quizzes for Army, PAF, Navy, PPSC, SPSC, BPSC, KPPSC, NTS, PTS, OTS, and other quiz competitions.


Choose your answer carefully on the basis of previous knowledge. Click on the Option (A, B, C, D) to Choose your Answer.

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Q1. The first Nishan-e-Haider was awarded to
Q2. Headquarter of the African Union (AU) is located in:
Q3. UchShariff located 73 km from Bahawalpur, founded by Alexander the Great contains tombs of:
Q4. He scored 12 double centuries in test cricket which is a world record.
Q5. ‘Khar’ is the main town of:
Q6. Hingol National Park, located in Makran District, Balochistan, is famous for its:
Q7. Shikwa and Jawab-e-Shikwa are poems of Allama Iqbal in his book:
Q8. Name the first Pakistani Bank which started its operation on August 17, 1947
Q9. Bill Gates founded "Microsoft" with ________ in 1975.
Q10. Who was the first governor of State Bank of Pakistan?
Q11. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was established in _____.
Q12. Bio gas is the common name of ______.
Q13. The large plates of solar panels are painted _____.
Q14. What does make the blood look red?
Q15. In blood, the percentage of water is _____.
Q16. Which of the following is involved in blood clotting?
Q17. The human blood is divided into _____.
Q18. The muscles, tissues and blood all are made up of _____.
Q19. Who is the author of India Wins Freedom?
Q20. The longest and the strongest bone in the human body is _____.
Q21. The ‘Shahnama’ was written by:
Q22. The book “The Sole Spokesman: Jinnah, the Muslim League and Demand for Pakistan” was written by:
Q23. The book ‘Indian Musalmans’ published in 1871 was written by:
Q24. Kashf-ul-Mahjub, the first book on Islamic mysticism in Persian was compiled by:
Q25. “The Idea of Pakistan” book was written by?

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