Intelligence Test 1

Prepare for your Intelligence Test (Verbal Reasoning Test) for PAF, Army, Navy, ISSB and other types of IQ Tests. Free online practice verbal reasoning tests with tips, solutions and advice to help you improve your test score.


Each questions in the following section are based on Intelligence Test questions. Each of the following questions is followed by some choices. Select the correct choice (A, B, C, D) in each case.

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Q1. Which choice mentions the last letter of the word re-arranged from the following jumbled spellings? ENGRAST Choices:
Q2. I walked North for 4 kilometers, turned to my left and walked 6 kilometres, then turned to my right again and walked 4 kilometres. Which of the choices mentions the distances from the starting point to the place where I stopped?
Q3. One of the figures is out of step in the following series. Spot out the odd figure: 3, 5, 8, 12, 17, 20, 23,
Q4. Write the numbers of the two words which have the same relationship as BIRD and CAGE from:
Q5. WATCH is to TIME as BAROMETER is Choices:
Q6. Which choice mentions the answer? If 1+1 3=13, 3+3=18 Then 4+3 = ?
Q7. Which choice mention the two letters that should come next in the following series in the correct order? A, C, F, J, .........
Q8. lf DCF means BAD, then ECV means CAT ? Which choice mentions the last letter of the above required word?
Q9. Write the number of pairs which is different from others in the following:
Q10. Re-arrange in your mind the following jumbled letters to form a sensible word. M C O P T R E U
Q11. I started walking down a road in the morning facing the Sun. After walking for some time, I turned to my left, then I turned to my right. In which direction was I going then? Name the choice which mentions the correct answer.
Q12. Write the numbers of the two words which have the same relationship as INK and PEN out of the following.
Q13. Which choice mention the correct answer in the following. SAND is to DESERT as AIR is to
Q14. If 2/3 x when divided by 1/3 makes 2x, write X and if 1/3 x added to 3/9 x makes 6/9 x, write Y.
Q15. Which of the following groups of jumbled words uhen re—arranged forms a word which does not belong to the same group as others?
Q16. Name the serial number of the word in the following choices which fits in the blanks space to complete the analogy. Listen is to hear as look is to
Q17. Of the following 5 words, which two words can be made by using the letters of the word STIMULATE, using one letter only once?
Q18. Re-arrange the following jumbled words to form a sensible sentence by omitting one word. Also choose the last letter of the word to be omitted from the following choices Snitch is time saves nine.
Q19. Choose the odd one out
Q20. What is that which you see once in a MINUTE, twice in a WEEK, but never in a DAY, nor even in a MONTH?
Q21. State the number of pair which is different from others:
Q22. Fill in the blanks with suitable words: Good is to Bad as Sharp is to ..........
Q23. Steel : Train :: Alnico : ........
Q24. Gun is to bullet as chimney is to?
Q25. If the word school is coded as BACMMN then the word BOOCH stand for? Choices:

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