Mathematics Quiz Test 1

Mathematics "Simplification" Test

In this test, candidates are expected to have basic knowledge about Mathematics, including arithmetic, algebra and geometry and problem-solving skills. Questions and problems may relate to numbers, percentage, average, ratio and proportion, equations, simplifications, number series, interest rates, time/distance/work-related problems, basic formulas relating to areas, and volumes, etc.

Note: The use of calculators would not be allowed. Candidates are allowed to do rough work on the backside of the question paper.


Choose your answer carefully on the basis of previous knowledge. Click on the Option (A, B, C, D) to Choose your Answer. For Next Question Click on “Next” Button and For Previous Question Click on “Prev” Button.

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Q1. 4/15 of 5/7 of a number is greater than 4/9 of 2/5 of the same number by 8. What is half of that number?
Q2. A man divides Rs.8600 among 5 sons, 4 daughters and 2 nephews. If each daughter receives four times as much as nephew and each son receives five times as much as each nephew, how much does each daughter receive?
Q3. Aman spends 2/5 of his salary on house rent, 3/10 of his salary on conveyance. If he has Rs.1400 left 10 with him, find his expenditure on food and conveyance.
Q4. If 1/8 of a pencil is black, 1/2 of the remaining is white and the remaining 7/2 cm is blue, find the total 2 length of the pencil.
Q5. Two pens and three pencils cost Rs.86. Four pens and a pencil cost Rs.112. Find the cost of a pen and that of a pencil?
Q6. When an amount was distributed among 14 boys, each of them got Rs.80 more than the amount received by each boy when the same amount is distributed equally among 18 boys. What was the amount?
Q7. How man pieces of 85 cm length can be cut from a rod 42.5 meters long?
Q8. Income of a company doubles after every one y ear. If the initial income was Rs.4 Lakhs, what would be the income after 5 years?
Q9. On sports day, if 30 Children were made to stand in a column, then 16 columns could be formed. If 24 children were made to stand in a column, then how many columns could be formed?
Q10. Along a yard 225 meters long, 26 trees are planted at equal distances, one tree being at each end of the yard. What is the distance between two consecutive trees?
Q11. A boy was asked to multiply a number by 25. He instead multiplied the number by 52 and got the answer 324 more than the correct answer. The number to be multiplied was:
Q12. The total monthly salary of 4 men and 2 women is Rs.46000. If a woman earns Rs.500 more than a man, what is the monthly salary of a woman?
Q13. Imran got two and a half times as many marks in English as in History. If his total marks in the two subjects are 140, the marks obtained by him in English are:
Q14. A pineapple costs Rs.7 each. A watermelon costs Rs.5 each. X spends Rs.38 on those fruits. The number of pineapples purchased is:
Q15. The number of girls in a class is 5 times the number of boys. Which of the following can not be the total number of children in the class?
Q16. A sum of Rs.750 is distributed among A, B, C and d in such a manner that A gets as much as B and C together, B gets Rs. 125 more than C and D gets as much as C. What is A's share?
Q17. A bonus of Rs. 1000 is to be divided among three people so that Rashid receives twice as much as Sohail, who receives one fifth as much as Ghani. How much money should Ghani receive?
Q18. The total number of digits use" j numbering the pages of a book having 366 pages, is:
Q19. A printer numbers the pages of a book starting with 1 and uses 3189 digits in all. How many pages does the book have?
Q20. What fraction of an hour is a second?
Q21. When a ball bounces, it rises to 3/4 of the height from which it fell. If the ball is dropped from a height of 32 m, how high will it rise at the third bounce?
Q22. If one-third of a tank holds 80 liters of water, then the quantity of water that half of the tank hold is:
Q23. What fractions of 4/7 must be added to itself to make the sum 11/14?
Q24. Express 2/3 of 1/4 of Rs.25.20 as a fraction of 3/2 of Rs.36.
Q25. A 70 cm long wire is to be cut into two pieces such that one piece will be 2 many centimeters will the shorter piece be?

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