Current Affairs Quiz Test 6

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Q1. Muhammad bin Qasim entered Sindh in __________ A.D.
Q2. The objective resolution of Pakistan was passed on _________ .
Q3. _________ allowed East India Company to reside and build factories in Surat.
Q4. Muhammad Ali Bogra's formula was presented to the constituent assembly on __________ .
Q5. The constitution of 1973 was came into effect on __________ .
Q6. A total of __________ amendments to the constitution of 1973 have been passed by the Parliament.
Q7. Faisal Mosque was built by a/an _________ architect.
Q8. The governor of Punjab is __________.
Q9. Tarbela Dam is located in __________ District.
Q10. Mirani Dam is located in __________ District.
Q11. The Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline was officially inaugurated on _______.
Q12. The Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline is also called __________.
Q13. The current Foreign Secretary of Pakistan is __________ .
Q14. Number of Districts in Sindh province are __________ .
Q15. Who choose the name of Pakistan?
Q16. The national anthem of Pakistan is written by?
Q17. Who was convicted in Rawalpindi Conspiray Case?
Q18. Pakistan purchased Gawader from __________ .
Q19. Natural Gas was discovered in Sui, Baluchistan in __________ .
Q20. The foundation stone of Diamer-Bhasha Dam was laid by __________ .
Q21. Who is the current permanent representative of Pakistan to the United Nations?
Q22. Contract to operate Gwadar Port was given to __________ .
Q23. Iran to set up oil refinary in _________ .
Q24. Before General Elections 2013, who was the caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan?
Q25. Who serves as the acting Prime Minister in the absence of Prime Minister?

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