English Quiz Test 4

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Q1. With open arms
Q2. By leaps and bounds
Q3. Lions share
Q4. To cry wolf
Q5. Bag and baggage
Q6. Up to the mark
Q7. Lean and mean
Q8. All and Sundry
Q9. A cock and bull story
Q10. A bone of contention
Q11. To end in smoke
Q12. At arm's length
Q13. Get rid of
Q14. Tie the knot
Q15. At daggers drawn
Q16. A black sheep
Q17. At the drop of the hat:
Q18. Keep at bay:
Q19. A man of straw:
Q20. Give cold shoulder:
Q21. Hold one's horse:
Q22. Hornet's nest:
Q23. Never-never land
Q24. Like a sitting duck:
Q25. Pull your socks up

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