IQ Test 2

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Q-1. A and B start walking in opposite directions. A walked 5 kilometers and B walked 6 kilometers. Thereafter both turned to their right and walked 2 kilometers, turned to right again and walked 3 kilometers, again turned to right and walked 2 kilometers. How much distant apart are they from each other?
Q-2. State the number of choice which gives the correct answer in the following. If 1x4=2, 2x4=6, 3x16=46, 4x9=34 then 5x36= ?
Q-3. Name the choice which provides the answer in the following: Friday is to August as Sunday is to .........
Q-4. The jumbled letters in the following groups of words represent the names of vehicles. Re-arrange the letters and name the serial number of the word which is out of step with others.
Q-5. Name the serial number of the pair of the following words of which bear the same relationship as exists between the words given below in capitals: SURGERY, SCIENCE
Q-6. Write the number of 2 words in the following group which have the same relationship as Hard work and Success.
Q-7. If you find a sealed envelope in the street, fully addressed and with an unused stamp on it, you would:
Q-8. Insert the missing number: 2 8 5 11 8 ? 11
Q.9- Select the appropriate words to fill in the blank space out of the suggested choices shown below and state the number of the correct choice: GOLD is to WOOD as .......... is to CARPENTER.
Q-10. Write number of the pair which is dissimilar to the others in the following?
Q-11. Think of a number, divide, it by six and then double it to make a dozen. What is the number?
Q-12. A clock keeping correct time in winter, runs slower in summer because:
Q-13. Complete the following series 20, 19, 17, (......) 10, 5
Q-14. SLOW is to FAST as HIGH is to ..........
Q-15. State the number of the choices which provides the best answer in the following statement: Family planning is being widely popularized in our country:
Q-16. A man was facing East. He took 3 paces forward, turned right, walked another two paces and then turned right round again. In what direction was he last facing?
Q-17. Write the number of pair which is different from the others in the following pairs:
Q-18. Complete the following Series BF, CH, HO, LT
Q-19. In each of the following sentences, state which of the two words out of the choices given provide the best answer. A railway station always has:
Q-20. If 4 men start together from a point and cover 16 miles in 4 hours: how many miles will one man cover in one hour?

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